Rent a bike

Every year in Yerevan increases the number of vehicles. Accordingly, there is the problem of traffic congestion. Park Village Tsaghkadzor offers its original solution to the lovers of active pastime.You will no longer need to take a taxi to see the sights of the capital of Armenia, or to get from one point to another. You can now rent a bike in Yerevan what will help you avoid unnecessary crowding the streets. Let’s not forget the benefits bicycle compared to other modes of transport, namely a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly mode of transport, as many scientists proved beneficial effects of riding on two wheels. If you are traveling with children, especially for them we offer a bicycle rental services for children. For fans of extreme sports, in addition to bike hire in Yerevan, our services are in Tsaghkadzor, where you can spend many delightful hours in the circle of beautiful unspoilt nature.

To rent a bike in Yerevan and Tsaghkadzor will no longer be a problem for you. Select a two-wheeled friend and go forward. On this page you can find detailed information on all models of bikes that we have in stock, see their photos and choose your favorite. Park Village Tsaghkadzor regularly conducts technical inspection of all vehicles in order to avoid potential problems and ensure that customers are completele safe. Note that in addition to the above services, we also acts velisipedov delivery in Yerevan and Tsaghkadzor. This will greatly facilitate your access to a healthy lifestyle. We can safely say that we have the best conditions for the rental of bicycles in Armenia. Park Village Tsaghkadzor will do everything possible to make your stay in Yerevan and Tsakhkadzor was full of the most unforgettable experience.